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In the last couple of months the pew runners have arrived, the light bulbs have all been replaced with l.e.d.'s and the new boiler is going in as I write!  We should be snug and well-lit for the winter!  The noticeboard colours and logos have been decided upon and the board is ordered. 

We are also looking forward to having the railings and gates re-painted by members of the Community Rehabilitation and Payback team in the Spring.


JULY 2018

At last, Planning Permission has been granted for the new annexe so we need to get our skates on and apply for as many grants as possible.  Although we have a sizeable amount in the kitty it is not enough and we will be making immediate applications for both boiler-replacement funding and Heritage Lottery funding for the annexe.  Many funders require us to 'match-fund' so the amount we already have is going to be extremely useful.  The PCC have worked as a team to put together the applications so fingers crossed!

In the meantime we have had the bell-tower cleaned out and around 16 black sacks of birds nests and remains and all sorts of unmentionables removed.  The louvre windows have been covered with mesh inside to stop further nesting and roosting and all we need now is a new team of bellringers..... 

In addition, new pew runners have been ordered to replace the current pieces of old carpet (used for more than 35 years that I know of) and these should make the seating much more comfortable!

The PCC have also been working on a logo design and corporate colours for a new notice board and this will be ordered very soon.

Beckwithshaw Village Hall
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